Capo ISO Neoprene gloves £45.00

Rubbery, waterproof gloves with a good cut

BikeRadar score4/5

A well-tailored cut combined with the naturally rubbery material makes for a good, snug fit on the Capo ISO Neoprene gloves. The addition of a little nylon somewhat reduces the rubbery skin feel of the 3mm neoprene, but these mitts are definitely condition-specific – that condition being wet and cold, of course.

The logos on the palm add a small amount of traction, but nothing remarkable.

The trick with these, or any neoprene gloves, is to get your hands into them while they are still warm. Sub-zero temperatures are more than these gloves can handle – our fingers went numb – but they are great in cool to cold and wet conditions. They aren't great for longer rides; they will get clammy.

Capo ISO Neoprene gloves: the inclusion of nylon in the construction reduces the rubbery neoprene feel

We particularly like neoprene gloves for cold and wet cyclocross races, where some dexterity is required in nasty conditions. These gloves definitely delivered there – they kept our fingers warm but we were still able to easily work shifters, dig mud out of brake calipers and operate shoe buckles. For winter road rides, we prefer a bigger, thicker glove — even a ski glove — where the added loft means extra warmth.

You might also want to consider a similar model by Sea to Summit, which is designed for paddling but works well for cycling too.

Capo iso neoprene gloves have a careful, tailored cut: capo iso neoprene gloves have a careful, tailored cut

The gloves kept our fingers warm without restricting movement

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