SealSkinz Ultra Grip Hi Vis gloves £32.5

Merino-lined waterproof glove with a blocky cut

BikeRadar score 3/5

The Sealskinz Ultra Grip Hi Vis gloves are three-layer waterproof numbers, with some rubber grip on the fingers and palm. While the merino lining is a welcome addition for a rubbery waterproof glove, the blocky cut detracts considerably from a good fit.

The Ultra Grip Hi Vis is definitely less clammy than a pure neoprene glove, and is fairly flexible too. Some tight-fighting waterproof gloves feel as though you're fighting the shape to wrap around the handlebar – that is not the case here. Though the company won't specify exactly what is is, a proprietary, rubbery-feeling layer is sandwiched between the merino and the outer polyester layer.

These gloves definitely keep the water out. And as long as the temperatures are not sub-freezing, they are warm enough for wet weather.

The cut could definitely be improved. The very loose wrist means a squirmy palm within the glove, despite the grip on the palm. And constricted fingers can mean cold fingers.

The merino lining is a nice touch for a category of glove that often feels rubbery

As for the 'Hi Vis' part of the name, the color certainly delivers on that front. The gloves nearly glow they are so bright!

Bottom line? Good materials that could benefit from better tailoring.

Hi Vis by name, high vis by nature…

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