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Assos SS.Mille short sleeve jersey

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"Great for larger riders, sprinters and use in hot weather, if you can afford it"

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 11.00am By

The Assos SS.Mille has the supreme quality you’d expect from the Swiss brand. Designed for larger riders and for endurance riding in warm temperatures, it has a looser fit than the company’s SS.Uno and SS.13 jerseys

Thanks to the hem’s silicone grippers the jersey stays in place well, and the sizing is spot on for those of us who aren’t Chris Froome thin. The shoulders are noticeably broader than on tops in the Uno or 13 ranges, too, so if your shape is more sprinter than climber it’s a good option.

The jersey material is well vented to help keep you cool in warmer conditions – both the front and rear panels are perforated, and the side sections are made from a high-stretch fabric to keep things in check. The SS.Mille is also quite light, which helps with comfort. 

Three rear pockets are joined by a zipped one that offers decent volume but is slightly tricky to get your hand into. All in all it’s a stunning jersey, just as we’ve come to expect from Assos. That said, the price tag is pretty steep.

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