Champion System Custom Cyclocross warm-up tights

Midweight fleece tights with double zippers and custom design

BikeRadar score4/5

For cyclocross racers looking to stay warm while standing still in the starting corral, zip-up tights are a great solution. With a thick zipper on either leg, warm-up tights are not as comfortable or functional as standard tights for normal road riding. But just try peeling off normal tights in a ’cross starting corral once and you'll understand the appeal.

There are a couple of unique factors with Champion System's take on this design. For one, they are custom; as in, you can get them sublimated any way you like, as part of a custom clothing order of other items or on their own. Also, the zippers are backed with a fleece flap to keep the zippers off your skin.

The double zippers let you unzip from either top or bottom, although the zippers only come completely off at the top.

Grippers at the ankles keep things in place, and the elasticized waistband is functional enough.

The sublimated rear panel helps with what is otherwise a pretty plain cut.

Since this is a custom piece, varies based on quantities ordered. The US$104 is for 10 pieces, and that can include 9 of anything else Champion makes — bib shorts, jerseys, jackets, etc. It's really cost-prohibitive for a single item at $312, but for a team doing an order, the Champion System Custom Cyclocross warm-up tight is less expensive — as a fully custom piece — than the stock option from other companies.

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