Finish Line Fibre Grip carbon paste review£8.99

Gritty assembly paste for use with carbon fibre parts

BikeRadar score3.5/5

As frames and components get lighter, the materials often become thinner and more susceptible to accidental overtightening. Carbon grease/paste is often recommended as a way to reduce tightening torque on handlebars, stems and seatposts while reducing the chance of slipping.

Finish Line Fibre Grip is a gritty assembly paste designed for use with carbon fibre parts in order to increase surface friction. It worked as advertised and allowed us to torque seatposts and handlebars lower without experiencing slipping. We like that the paste is clear – it means it doesn't leave any strange-coloured smudges on white bar tape.

While it’s sold for carbon fibre, the paste can also be used to stop aluminium seatposts slipping. Just be careful, as the gritty nature of the product can cause surface scratches if the post position is repeatedly changed. 

The resealable 50ml squeeze tube will last a long time, even between multiple bikes. It’s hard to say whether it performs any better than similar market offerings, but its sealable squeezy tube and reasonable pricing make it a hit.

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