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By James Huang | Monday, July 15, 2013 2.00pm

Bont's new Riot road shoe promises many of the same benefits as its high-end Vaypor+ but at a far more attainable price point of just US$150/£99. BikeRadar recently received some early samples for review, and the footwear seems to offer fantastic value for money.

Bont has managed to pack in some surprising features given the cost, including a bathtub-type, full-carbon composite sole with built-in arch and forefoot support plus fully heat moldable materials throughout (including the sole) for a true custom fit. Actual weight for a pair of size 44.5 shoes is only 604g.

Given that the Riot is less than half the cost of the Vaypor+, however, there are some key differences. Bont builds the Riot in a more conventional fashion, with the upper bonded onto the separate carbon bathtub instead of the Vaypor+'s monocoque setup. 

The stitched microfiber upper is notably thicker, but more flexible and Bont wraps the Riot forefoot with a 'Z-strap' instead of the Atop dials used on the Vaypor+. The broad and tapered ratcheting main strap has been passed over in favor of a narrower setup that doesn't seem to distribute pressure quite as evenly.

One other change is far more subtle. Rather than use 100 percent carbon fiber construction for the bathtub-style sole, the Riot employs a less expensive blend of carbon and fiberglass. This adds a bit of weight and thickness and, according to Bont principal Steven Nemeth, also makes the shoe a bit less stiff than the Vaypor+.

The carbon sole wraps up and around the heel for extra support:

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The carbon sole wraps up and around the heel for extra support

In addition, that bathtub is constructed of a less exotic blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass, so it's a tad heavier. But, given the shape, there should be only a modest decrease in stiffness. Stack height increases from 3.6mm to 4.8mm.

We've only just begun to put some time in on our test pair, but so far they're quite impressive for the money, particularly compared to similarly priced competitors. The available size range is astonishingly broad, too, running from 36 up to 50.

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