Hot Tub wax-based chain lube launches on Kickstarter

Paraffin lube supposedly lasts longer and stays cleaner

Not long ago, we told you about how Jason Smith at Friction Facts published the recipe for his UltraFast chain lubricant for all to see. The folks at Runaway Bike have now commercialised a similar formula, launching its new Hot Tub paraffin wax-based chain lube on Kickstarter.

Like UltraFast, Hot Tub utilises a mix of dry Teflon particles suspended in a carrier of paraffin wax. We can't verify that it's the exact same mixture but, regardless, Runaway Bike's Hot Tub certainly seems easier to use than Smith's more lab-based approach. Hot Tub will come in a plastic tub that's pre-mixed and ready to go.

"We've been tinkering with the formula for some time now but have a long lasting mix of dry lubricants to suspend in the paraffin that increase the lubricity of the chain," said company co-founder Doug Montclair. "While we do not believe there is a large market for this type of chain treatment, we've found a good way to package the paraffin treatment for commercial sale."

Paraffin-based chain treatments are nothing new – in fact, they have a long history – and Hot Tub will require a similar level of diligence to previous treatments to work properly. Users will first have to melt the concoction in a water bath on a stovetop, and then drop their chain into the tub. Soaking for 10 to 15 minutes should allow for the wax to seep into the chain, and then it's removed and hung to dry before being reinstalled on a bike.

Runaway Bike estimates that Hot Tub will retail for just under US$20 but the company's longevity claims had better hold true, as one tub will apparently only treat about four chains. Early adopters can get a discount by pledging support on the company's Kickstarter campaign.

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