POC announces partnership with Volvo Car Group

Pairing intends to explore new ideas within safety and design

Swedish protection experts POC have announced an exclusive partnership with Volvo Car Group. The pairing intends to explore new ideas within safety and design to benefit drivers and cyclists alike.

The collaboration appears to make a lot of sense, as both Swedish firms are already renowned as safety pioneers within their own industries.

Last year BikeRadargot a glimpse of Volvo's cyclist detection system with full auto brake, technology installed into production Volvo cars that constantly assesses for‎ potential collisions. If an imminent impact is detected the driver is presented with a red warning flash and the car activates full braking power automatically.

The first results of the partnership are due to be presented later this year.

Meanwhile, POC is just about to release its AVIP product range (Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection), a road bike specific range of products with an emphasis on safety. The range includes helmets, apparel, eyewear and accessories.

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