Reynolds Aero wheels - Eurobike 2012 video

By BikeRadar, UK | Thursday, September 6, 2012 2.24pm

Reynolds unveiled their new Aero road wheel range at Eurobike 2012, a line consisting of 58, 72 and 90mm carbon clinchers with origins in their own RZR wheels. 

The technology used in those wheels didn't have much in the way of mass-market appeal because of its prohibitive cost, but three years on since their introduction, the same technology has trickled down to produce the Aero range.

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The new range features Reynolds' CTg Cryo Blue brake pads (the CTg refers to the laminate on the brake track, while the Cryo Blue refers to the brake pads).

The aim of the system is to bring the temperature down by around 100F and reducing the chance that the rim will deform - something that's been known to happen with carbon clinchers in extreme conditions.

Check out the video for the full run through of the new range.

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