Sportique body care products – First look

By Oli Woodman | Tuesday, December 11, 2012 11.17am

Body care specialists Sportique already make products that many BikeRadar readers might be familiar with, their Century riding cream scoring well in a test by Cycling Plus. We've now received the rest of the cycling-suitable products from their range, so here's a closer look at the creams, oils and balms.

Road Rash Balm

This balm is designed to soothe your road rash symptoms using a blend of botanicals and oils chosen for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It's also said to be useful in the war against sunburn and chapped lips. It's sold in a 20ml tube and will set you back £9.99 (US$11.95).

Warming Up Oil

This botanical based oil is designed to provide long-lasting warmth and stimulation to pre- or post-ride muscles. It's made from natural ingredients and looks as though it should be perfect for massages. A 100ml bottle is £9.99 (US$11.95).

Warming Up Cream

Another Sportique product to help you warm up your muscles. Once again, the ingredients list is reassuringly natural, with vitamins, essential oils and herbs all packed in. A 180ml tube comes in at £14.99 or US$19.95.

Get Going Cream

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Labelled as the ultimate pre-workout cream, this formulation of essential oils is said to safely and naturally produce long-lasting warmth and muscle stimulation before a ride. More bold claims come in the form of an ability to counteract fatigue and help physical recovery. A 100ml tube is £9.99, with the US-only 180mm tube costing US$19.95.

Elements Cream

This skin care product is designed to prevent chafing and chapping, and can be used for protection against the effects of hot and cold temperatures. A natural blend of oils and botanicals is once again used, along with seaweed extracts that Sportique call "nature's own antifreeze". A 180mm tube is £16.99 or US$24.75.

For more information, see the Sportique website.

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