The world's most expensive bib short: Assos' new S7

US$519/£309 Campionissimo bib features front pouch for genitals

Swiss clothing company Assos today announced a new, four-model range of bib shorts dubbed S7, including the top-of-the-line Campionissimo that will retail for US$519/£309.

Assos claims the S7 was six years in the making, with research for an Olympic time-trial suit playing a role in the creation of the new clothing.

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The Assos S7 Campionissimo sets a new high mark for bib shorts - in cost, if nothing else

Assos also claims to have four pending patents for the S7 line, including the 'KuKu Penthouse,' a soft pouch for the male genitals on the front of the short that is inserted into a cutout in the chamois.

Assos cut out a portion of the purple chamois and inserted a soft pouch that the company dubbed the 'KuKu Penthouse'

Another novel design on the shorts is the absence of stitching on the sides of the chamois, allowing it to move freely of the body material.

While the 'KuKu Penthouse' is only on the top two shorts, the whole range gets a new strap configuration, with mesh straps being anchored closer to the hips instead of the front of the of the short.

Other targets for the new shorts compared to past models were reduced weight, increased ventilation and fewer seams.

The front of the Campionissimo is more breathable than the body fabric

The four models in the line are the Neopro (US$199/£129), the Équipe (US$260/£165), the Cento (US$369/£219) and the Campionissimo (US$519/£309).

The Neopro is a three-panel short in a regular fit, the Équipe is a five-panel compression short with a race (read: slimmer) fit, and the Cento gets a 10mm-thick chamois while the rest have a 8mm pad. All the shorts have an elastic chamois with memory foam. The top three models feature an IceColor treatment, which is similar to the better known Coldblack cooling treatment that reduces the surface temperature of dark fabrics.

The Campionissimo weighs a claimed 162g, the lightest of the four.

Assos is positioning its four shorts as everyday (Neopro), training/racing (Équipe), long distance (Uno) and ultimate luxury (Campionissimo)

Assos also has a few new pieces of other clothing, including country jerseys, a hi-vis version of the Sturmprinz jacket (US$589), and a highly compact and packable but highly reflective Emergency vest (US$89) for when you get caught out as the light fades.

The new S7 shorts will be available in December.

The US$89 Emergency vest offers substantial reflectivity in a highly packable piece

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