Thule Round Trip workstand/travel case - Interbike 2013

Hardshell and softshell cases include an aluminum workstand

It isn’t glamorous, but it’s reality: when traveling with a bike you often end up building the thing on the floor of a hotel room or out in a parking lot. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a workstand to use? The engineers at Thule thought so, and created the Round Trip, which integrates a workstand into a rolling travel case. Hard- and softshell models are available for $599 (UK price TBD).

The hardshell Thule Round Trip Elite uses a two-piece ABS clamshell  with sturdy clamps on the ends to keep the lid on. But the cool parts are what’s inside: the workstand doubles as a securing fixture for the frame, and wheels in the included bags tuck in on either side.

 An integral part of the new Thule traveling cases, the aluminum Click-Rail workstand looks like a welcome change from building up a bike on a hotel floor

With a big handle and sturdy wheels, lugging your bike through an airport is relatively easy (it’s still inside an enormous case, after all), but assembling it at your destination just got a whole lot easier.

The softshell Thule Round Trip Pro model offers the same concept in a slightly smaller and much more flexible package. To the latter point, storage is easier — whether in the back of a rental car, in a hotel room or at home — but the risk of in-transit damage to the bike is higher.

The three-legged workstand secures the bike at the fork dropouts and at the bottom bracket, just as it does when inside the travel case. Then the base and three legs pop off for transportation, and stow inside the case.

The workstand doubles as the internal frame stabilizer in the case, and the wheels go in the included wheel bags

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