Trigon unveils new TR235 aero road disc bike

Aero road disc bike with interesting features

The new TR235 from Taiwanese brand Trigon has the same aero tube shapes as other bikes in the company's range, such as the TR437, but has a few more interesting features.

The 235 can be fitted with road disc brakes or used with TRP’s integrated direct-mount calliper brake system. Trigon has designed the fork with a removable U-shaped section on the rear on the fork crown, which is designed to be bolted in place when running discs or removed if going standard.

On the back of the TR235’s fork is a U-shaped plate that bolts into place when running discs

At the rear it has in-built direct mount fitting for an under-BB style brake, and the dropouts have a removable spacer that provides either 135mm spacing (the current standard for discs) or a standard-wheel friendly 130mm.

Some may find the TR235 a little familiar - a very similar bike is currently being offered by US/Taiwan brand Culprit.

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