WTB introduce tubeless cyclocross rim and tyre

Tubeless ChrisCross rim and Cross Wolf tyre now available

WTB are among a growing number of companies to offer a tubeless tyre for cyclocross. The California-based company also have a new tubeless rim to complement it.

(Read our primer on tubeless cyclocross tyres.)

The Cross Wolf tyre has been updated with a TCS casing. The 700x32mm tyre is intended to perform well over a wide range of conditions. The US$54.95 (UK and AU pricing not immediately available) Cross Wolf uses a dual durometer (60a/50a) rubber compound and has a claimed weight of 360g.

The Cross Wolf features the same 60tpi casing and terraced tread pattern as its tubed predecessor, which has been available for several years

The ChrisCross rim is designed to be paired with the Cross Wolf tyre. It has a machined braking track, a generous inner width of 19mm and a UST-compliant bead hook to mitigate the risk of burping air at low pressures.

The ChrisCross is only offered in a 32-hole drilling

The ChrisCross rim retails for US$75 and has a claimed weight of 435g. (UK and AU pricing not immediately available.)

WTB do not currently offer a disc-specific cyclocross rim, although the company’s 29in Frequency Team rim features similar dimensions to the ChrisCross.

Both the Cross Wolf tyre and ChrisCross rim are available now.

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