Tour de France stage 18 preview

The Tour's highest-ever finish

There probably haven't been many, if any, occasions when the Izoard has been the smallest climb on the day's itinerary, which sums up just how extraordinary this stage is. S

tarting with the ascent of the huge Agnel climb, "the roof" of this year's Tour, then passing over the spectacular Izoard, the day culminates with the ascent to the Tour's highest-ever finish on the summit of the Galibier. It will be of little consolation to most that this is reached from its easier side. The last 8.5km are tough and should see an intense battle between the podium contenders.

Details -

Distance: 200.5 km

Highest point: 2,744m

Category: High mountains

Sean Yates says...

"The Agnello is long and the Izoard is evil. This is the easier side of the Galibier but it's still going to really hurt. For anyone not fighting for a top ten place, today will be a death march, especially with all the time spent over 2000 metres."

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