Closca folding helmet launched

Flat-pack helmet designed to make life easier for cyclists in the city

Closca has launched a new folding helmet that reduces in height by more than 50 percent when not in use. The helmet is made from Arpro – a material developed by the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia – which replaces the usual styrene material used in helmet construction.

Closca says Arpro has greater elasticity and shock absorption at lower speeds, and also eliminates the need for a traditional rigid shell, making it the ideal material for a space-saving lid for urban cyclists.

Though not the most stylish when 'naked', the folding design makes the helmet easier to stow

The helmets, which retail at €62, are covered by a selection of patterned hats, which include chequered, denim, wool and animal print designs. Additional covers are available for €22 each from Closca's online store.

The denim cover is only one of a large range from Closca

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