Pedro's tyre levers review$3.46

Great levers that are easy to find in the tool box

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These tough tyre levers are well worth adding to your toolbox. They'll last forever and when you encounter a stubborn tyre and need to exert leverage that would snap other levers like twigs, you'll be glad you had them.

We're tempted to dismiss the pink colour as little more than clever marketing, but actually it means these professional grade levers are easy to spot whether in the tool box or strewn across the lawn. 

Sold in pairs and made from reinforced plastic, their beefy design has a pronounced chisel tip to make lifting the tyre bead easier, and a thicker profile prevents them slipping out at the crucial point. 

Though lacking the outright leverage of telescopic designs, their shape fits very comfortably in the palm and allows you to exert extra force, making short work of most tyre/rim combinations. 

If the tyre is a very tight fit, however, you might strugggle to get the tip onder the bead, at which point it's worth having some thinner levers to get things started, then switch to the Pedro's for the real heavy lifting. One combination of a cross-country tyre and particularly stout expedition rim did fight back, provoking agricultural language and grazed knuckles, but thanks to the lever's rigidity the bead was finally persuaded from the rim.

Tyre levers are not all the same, and the clever design makes for comfortable, efficient tyre removal which is only truly appreciated when returning to more traditional types.

Fortunately, they're also available in yellow, as well as high-visibility orange and green.

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