Magicshine MJ906B 2018 light review$170.00

Great value front light for the trails

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Magicshine has been the brand to beat in performance for price terms for several years now. The latest multi faceted, app tuneable 906B isn’t totally issue free but it’s still an impressively user friendly, bang up to date bargain that continues its affordable benchmark form.

The claimed 3,200 lumen max is more comparable with verified 2–2500 Lumen lights on the trail, but the central punch is still enough for flat-out riding on technical terrain.

The Bluetooth remote makes managing power easy without taking your hands off the bars

The five-LED arrangement throws out some weird-shaped edges, which can be distracting and accelerate eye fatigue. While weight is centralised enough over the O-ring mount not to physically shift on the bars, it can still twang around on the roughest descents.

Even with these flaws, practical output is still much better than anything else I’ve used in its price range though.

Features are excellent for such an affordable light too. While the default set up only has two solid modes sandwiched between flash and strobe, the light can be totally tuned via a free smartphone app. This lets you add up to 20 different solid, SOS, flash or pulse mode settings and each one can be configured from 1–100 percent power.

The Bluetooth remote makes managing power easy without taking your hands off the bars, and it syncs instantly too. Top quality Panasonic cells, in a slim USB charged 5800mAh hardshell battery, give an adequate run time that’s significantly longer than claimed.

It’s got a rudimentary charge indicator and a USB port for recharging other devices (or using as an off bike ‘powerbank’) if needed too.

Excellent long-term reliability on all the test sets over the years cements their value and official magicshineuk back up is excellent.

  • Weight: 380g
  • Run time (max power): 2h 10mins

This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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