Royal Racing Stage jersey review

A no-frills winner of a jersey

BikeRadar score4/5

We’re big fans of the new Stage jersey from Royal Racing. The simple, no-fuss design, bold colouring and stylish graphics, along with the reasonable price tag, make this one of our favourites this year.

The cut is quite generous though, so you may find that dropping down a size gets you a better, less flappy fit.

The quarter-length zip is a nice touch and, when you do find yourself in the hills on a warm day, becomes a handy and effective way of dumping heat. This is helped by the large mesh panels under the arms, which keep the air circulating.

And when you do start really sweating, the T-Dot fabric does a good job of wicking all that moisture away from your skin.

Our only real niggle is that the Lycra cuffs have a habit of digging into your arm when rolled up, but at least they do tend to stay put.

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