Shimano Deore M615 mountain bike disc brakes$101.99

Simple, reliable and user-friendly

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Shimano’s latest Deore brake offers all the control and power you could need in a simple, ultra reliable, user friendly, ultra bargain package.

Whenever we asked for feedback on these brakes, the unanimous answer was that they were absolutely outstanding.

The calliper is a bit basic – with its fixed hose exit creating a big cable loop on some bikes – and it’s not a light system either, but the stock organic pads last okay and sintered sets improve dirty weather durability extensively, as well as behaving better in hard and hot use situations.

The lever end is neatly workmanlike, with Shimano’s double-decker master cylinder and one-and-a-half-finger lever giving good feel. The hinged I-Spec mount means it syncs well with shifters/remotes. You can adjust the reach with an Allen key, and the funnel based bleed system is user friendly.

The cunning ServoWave cam moves the pads on to the rotor quickly and then increases power at the point of contact. The consistent modulation and control were praised by everyone who’s used the Deores. Rub-free calliper set-up is easy and reliability is fantastic.

The M615 is outstanding value, whether you only need the brake or the reasonably priced rotor and mount too. Check the numbers though – older Deore M575 brakes are wooden, glaze-prone and still lurking under some shop counters.

Note: UK price includes rotor, US price does not

This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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