SRAM X1 - first look

Pricing, weights and details of the budget-minded 11-speed group

SRAM’s XX1 and X01 groups have been lauded for their performance and durability. This innovation, however, comes with a steep price tag. SRAM is now ready to bring this technology to the masses. Coming this June, the X1 group appears to pack the performance of these premier groups into a more budget-friendly set of components. Read on for the details.

Mini Cluster cassette

The largest hurdle to making SRAM’s 1x11 more affordable was creating an 11-speed cassette that is less time consuming to manufacture — each XX1 and X01 cassette take several hours to produce. 

The XG-1180 also called the “Mini Cluster cassette” gets its name from its hybrid construction. The smallest three cogs are CNC-machined out of steel billet in the same manner as 10 of the 11 cogs on XX1 and X01 cassettes. In the case of the XG-1180 cassette, the eight largest cogs are individually stamped from steel and pinned together — a much less time consuming, and thus more affordable, process than milling the majority of the cogs from a solid block of steel billet. The largest, 42t cog is constructed from aluminum and pinned in place in the same manner as on the higher-end cassettes.

The XG-1180 gets the same black corrosion-fighting surface treatment used on the X01 cassette.

Like its more expensive counterparts, the X1-level cassette is only compatible with XD driver bodies and features the same 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42t gearing.  

The claimed weight for the XG-1180 cassette is 315g.

Pricing is US$313/£239.99 /€278/AU$379.95.

X1 rear derailleur

SRAM cuts costs on the X1 model with an aluminum, rather than carbon, cage.

Like its more expensive counterparts, the X1 rear derailleur incorporates the horizontal parallelogram design, roller bearing clutch, cage lock and offset 12-tooth pulleys that spin on cartridge bearings.

The claimed weight for the X-Horizon rear derailleur is 256g.

Pricing is $231/£174.99/€205/AU$279.95.

X1 trigger shifter

As is the theme with the new X1 group, aluminum stands in for composites for the X1 shifter cover and paddles. The X1 trigger shifter uses the same actuation and Zero Loss technology as XX1 and X01. The X1 trigger is also MatchMaker X compatible.

The claimed weight for the X1 trigger is 121g (without clamp).

Pricing is $81/£59.99/€72/AU$99.95.

X1-level cranks

SRAM is releasing a trio of aluminum cranksets as part of the X1 rollout. All three use the same 94mm bolt circle diameter and chainrings as X01. The three cranks differ in terms of manufacturing.

The X1 1400 cranket has already made its debut as OE kit on many X01-equipped bikes. The 1400 crankset has hollow forged aluminum arms. It’s the lightest of the three options with a claimed weight of 800g (including 32t chainring and GXP bottom bracket.)

The 1200 series crank will be an OE only option. It has solid forged 7000 series aluminum arms. The 1200 crankset has a claimed weight is 830g (including 32t chainring and GXP bottom bracket.)

Rounding out the crank options is the 1000 series crankset. This particular crankset has a longer spindle intended to make it compatible with fat bikes. The crank arms are constructed from 6000 series forged aluminum. It has a claimed weight of 850g (including 32t chainring and GXP bottom bracket.)

The GXP-compatible 1400 crankset retails for $262/£199.99/€233/AU$349.95. The BB30/PF30 version sees a slight increase in price, retailing for $308/£234.99/€274/AU$399.95.

The 1000 crankset is more affordable at $199/£149.99/€177/AU$239.95 for the GXP version. The BB30/PF30 cranks will retail for $239/£179.99/€212/AU$289.95.

PC-X1 chain

The new PC-X1 chain is compatible with all SRAM 1X11 systems, as well as with the 7-speed X01 DH group. It is constructed with solid pins, rather than the hollow pins used on the slightly lighter PC-XX1 chain.

The claimed weight for the PC-X1 chain is 258g (114 links). Pricing is $37/£27.99/€33.

SRAM 11-speed mountain group weight comparison

Component XX1 X01 X1
Rear derailleur 220g 252g 256g
Cassette 260g 275g 315g
Crank 650g 655g 800g
Trigger shifter 91g 91g 121g
Chain 252g 252g 258g
Total weight 1,473g 1,525g 1,750g

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