Marzocchi unveil new carbon fibre cross-country fork

Carbon 44 has claimed weight of just 1,600g

Suspension specialists Marzocchi look to be maintaining their recent upward momentum with a preview of a new carbon-legged cross-country/trail fork that reportedly weighs just 1,600g (3.53lb).

Instead of the usual magnesium lower leg casting, the Carbon 44 will use a minimal magnesium shell with carbon fibre molded over the top of it. 

Marzocchi USA director Bryson Martin insists this isn't just cosmetic, and considering the Carbon 44 will lop over 200g from the current top-of-the-line 44 Micro Ti QR15, we're inclined to believe him. 

The lower legs will incorporate 15mm through-axle dropouts and post mount disc brake tabs. The upper assembly will feature a forged alloy crown and nickel-plated 32mm-diameter tapered aluminium stanchions.

Internally, the new fork will offer up to 150mm of highly tunable travel.  The air spring will feature adjustable chamber volume to customise the bottom-out characteristics plus a titanium coil negative spring to minimise initial stiction and keep weight low. 

On the other side, the TST Micro damper will include compression threshold, lockout and rebound adjustments, all with anodised aluminum knobs. Pricing is set at a lofty US$1,000 and Marzocchi hope to have the Carbon 44 available by early 2011.

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