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Two French companies overhaul their MTB offerings

Both LOOK and Time recently revamped their mountain bike pedals. The goals are similar: to improve durability and the ability to shed debris (something both LOOK and Time pedals already excel at), and shave grams wherever possible. We’ll pack them full of mud and bash them into trailside rocks this winter and spring to see how they hold up.  

LOOK S-Track

The S-Track is intended to replace the Quartz pedal. Compared to the Quartz, the S-Track has a significantly smaller body that should clear mud even better than its predecessor along with a new S-shaped spring design. Like the Quartz, the S-Track does not have adjustable spring tension.

There are three models in the new S-Track pedal. The entry level S-Track we have under test features a chromoly spindle and polycarbonate body. The next model up, the S-Track Race, has an injection-molded carbon body with aluminum plates on the front and rear of the impact to protect against impacts, while the top-of-the-line S-Track Carbon Ti adds a titanium spindle and loses the aluminum plates to maximize weight savings.

All three pedals can be beefed up with LOOK’s bolt-on Cage platform, a feature aggressive trail riders and enduro racers will likely appreciate.

The s-track is considerably slimmer than its predecessor, the quartz:

LOOK S-Track Specs

  • Weight (per pair): 280g + 40g for cleats and bolts
  • Angular float: 3°
  • Lateral float: 1mm
  • Release angle: 15°
  • Price: $109, £49

Time ATAC XC 8 Carbon

The ATAC line of pedals stretches back to the 1990s and, as one of our reviewers wrote of an earlier version, it’s “an old pedal, but for some riders it may still be the perfect choice.” Over the years Time has refined the ATAC, slimming down the body, shaving grams and adding adjustable spring tension, but the basic twin bar design remains very much as it has always been.

The latest incarnation of the ATAC has a new body shape, intended to be more durable while retaining its ability to shed mud. The cleats appear no different from previous versions; they can be swapped from right to left to change the release angle from 13° to 17°.

The ATAC XC 8 Carbon is the middle model in the redesigned ATAC line. It features a chrome steel axle and injection-molded carbon body. Above it is the ATAC XC 12, which shaves grams by adding a titanium axle; below it is the more affordable ATAC XC 6, which has a polycarbonate body and a steel axle.

Time's latest version of the venerable atac pedal shares many of the features of previous versions in a refined body:

Time ATAC XC 8 Carbon Specs

  • Weight (per pair): 270g + 50g for cleats and bolts
  • Angular float: 5°
  • Lateral float: 6mm
  • Release angle: 13° or 17°
  • Price: $225, £110
Josh Patterson

Tech Editor, US
Josh has been riding and racing mountain bikes since 1998. Being stubborn, endurance racing was a natural fit. Josh bankrolled his two-wheeled addiction by wrenching at various bike shops across the US for 10 years and even tried his hand at frame building. These days Josh spends most of his time riding the trails around his home in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Discipline: Mountain, cyclocross, road
  • Preferred Terrain: Anywhere with rock- and root-infested technical singletrack. He also enjoys unnecessarily long gravel races.
  • Current Bikes: Trek Remedy 29 9.9, Yeti ASRc, Specialized CruX, Spot singlespeed, Trek District 9
  • Dream Bike: Evil The Following, a custom Moots 27.5+ for bikepacking adventures
  • Beer of Choice: PBR
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA

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