Wahoo Fitness Blue HR heart rate strap$69.99

Heart rate strap for iPhone users

BikeRadar score4/5

Heart rate monitors measure your exertion level, and this data can be useful for tracking fitness improvements or for zone based training. The Wahoo Blue HR heart rate strap provides this information in the form of Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) that works with a range of iPhone fitness apps.

The Blue HR is designed specifically for Bluetooth 4.0 equipped iPhones (4S and newer) and Ipads (third gen and newer), and is not currently supported for Android use.

We seamlessly synced the heart rate strap with our iPhone 5 using Wahoo Fitness, Strava mobile and MapMyRide and found it maintained connectivity without fault. Even placing the phone a few metres away from our indoor workout caused no loss in connection. Compared to our usual ANT+ systems, we found that the Blue HR was accurate within three percent.

Compared to a popular ant+ sensor, the wahoo blue hr is very low profile: compared to a popular ant+ sensor, the wahoo blue hr is very low profile

The Wahoo Blue HR sensor is low-profile. It's pictured here against a Magellan ANT+ sensor

The strap is comfortable to wear both on and off the bike, with the sensor doubling as the belt’s connection buckle. The sensor is claimed to be waterproof, although it won’t transmit data while underwater.

Battery life was no problem during testing. The battery is a user-replaceable CR2032 battery.

The Blue HR is a quality heart rate strap that easily opens up heart rate training to iPhone users without the need for a dedicated training device. Phone battery life remains an issue for all-day rides, but for shorter escapes the Blue HR is a great accessory.

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