Sportful Hot Pack 4 Donna jacket$102.08

Packable, women's specific waterproof

BikeRadar score4/5

Although very thin and light, this packable women's specific jacket works really well. 

In a sudden shower, only our forearms got wet, rain eventually working its way up under the cuffs – very impressive. 

The fabric is rustly but it feels soft, warm and comfortable. Vents in the rear stop it from getting too steamy, and the Donna folds into its own bag in the rear pocket, to the size of a large orange – perfect for carrying as an emergency shell. 

The arms are a good length, but the rear of the jacket is a bit on the short side, and the elastic is very elastic, so if the Donna rides up, it stays up.

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  • Discipline: Road
  • Location: Bristol, UK

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