Bontrager Serano saddles hit the market

Andy Schleck's saddle designed for an aggressive position

Bontrager this week began selling the 215g Serano RL and 185g Serano RXL saddles based on the design Andy Schleck rode in the Tour de France.

Bontrager in recent years has made a push to study the biomechanics of the rider-saddle interface and design saddles accordingly. As part of Trek, Bontrager divided its saddles into five posture types: leisure, fitness, performance, aggressive, aerodynamic. While the aero category is reserved for time trial/triathlon models, the Serano is one of two (along with Team Issue) 'aggressive' saddles, designed for a position with the pelvis rotated forward.

The Serano RXL is Bontrager's modern take on a classic shape

Bontrager used digital pressure mapping on riders in the field to develop its five posture categories as well as to shape individual models.

As with many of Bontrager's saddles, the Serano comes in three widths: 128, 138 and 148mm. Each of the saddles has a size-specific curvature, and all have a flat shape between the contact points of the sit bones, which Bontrager says acts similarly to a cut-out (reducing perineal pressure) while still providing a little support. That flat section is also softer than the rest of the saddle.

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Bontrager did digital pressure mapping with to determine where a rider's sit bones hit the saddle based on their posture. The findings resulted in five posture categories, from recreation to aerodynamic. The Serano is categorized as 'aggressive', one notch down from aerodynamic, which is all time trial and triathlon saddles

The Serano RL has round, hollow ti rails and weighs between 210 and 220g, depending on width. It retails for $149/£89.

The Serano RXL has ovalized, carbon rails and weighs between 180 and 190g. It retails for $225/£149.

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Bontrager serano:: bontrager serano:

The saddles come in three widths, with size-specific curvatures

You can learn more and buy the saddle online at

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