Smith Overtake - first look

Koroyd protection technology in an aero road helmet

Last summer, Smith introduced Koroyd protection, first developed for its snowsports helmet, in the Forefront all-mountain helmet. Now the company has a road counterpart in the Overtake.

The Overtake will retail for US$250, and there will also be a version with the MIPS system for US$310. Unlike the Forefront, the 250g Overtake is not multi-impact rated.

The Overtake is made from a combination of EPS foam and Koroyd honeycombs. Smith claims that the use of Koroyd material allowed the company to make the helmet substantially slimmer, contributing to its aerodynamic performance.

Smith used using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to design its aero road lid before moving forward with real-world wind tunnel testing. The company worked with the FASTER wind tunnel and aerodynamicist Len Brownlie to refine the design.

Here's how Smith claims the Overtake stacks up against the competition

The Overtake will available this November in 12 color schemes, many of which are intended to be coordinated with Smith’s eyewear, such as the PivLock v2.

Eyewear can be positioned on the front or back of the Overtake when not needed

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