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Prepare your body

Gatorade PRIME®

Whether it’s your next training session or the event you’ve geared your entire season towards, fuelling your body in preparation is vital. You can be as mentally switched on as you like but if the energy isn’t there your body is bound to let you down.


Gatorade PRIME® is a drink for athletes who know this. Each 118ml pouch is a caffeine-free pocket rocket, providing a concentrated 24g (100kcal) burst of carbohydrate that readies your body for action. This comes in the form of isomaltulose, a complex mix of glucose and fructose which is broken down and absorbed more slowly than sucrose based drinks, giving a longer, steadier supply of energy. Key electrolytes sodium and potassium can stimulate your thirst during activity, helping to replenish what is lost in sweat and keep you hydrated. B vitamins niacin and pantothenic acid help with energy metabolism as part of your daily diet.

Gatorade PRIME® is ready to drink from the pouch and as athletes, we know convenience is king. Just throw it into your gym bag, take one 15 minutes prior to exercise and Gatorade® will keep you in the mix.


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