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Replenish your energy

Gatorade RECOVER®

Any machine in regular use is going to develop its fair share of wear and tear and if you forget to grease its axles or oil its chain, breakdown is inevitable. Your body is no different. Follow strenuous workouts and competition without affording it due care and attention and performance levels will decline.


This is where Gatorade RECOVER® comes in. Taken within 30-60 minutes post-exercise, its mix of protein and carbohydrate (16g and 14g/500ml) combines to help promote muscle recovery and stimulate growth, start the process of replenishing depleted energy stores and satisfy your thirst, as well as acting as a stop-gap until your next meal. Research tells us that taking on board 10-20g of protein immediately after exercise is an effective way of helping to repair damaged muscle fibers. Some protein supplements come in bar form but Gatorade RECOVER® works to start the rehydration process too. Many athletes end exercise dehydrated, so the drink kills two birds with one stone. Add to this electrolyte replenishment (250mg sodium) and it adds up to a one stop shop for your recovery in the immediate aftermath of exercise.

It’s also convenient; milkshake-like protein drinks need to be served cold to be able to taste good but with its sports drink-like consistency, here’s a drink that can be enjoyed after a day spent in the bottom of your gym bag. Its lighter texture also means it can be taken in the immediate recovery period compared to ‘shake-like’ drinks. Keep your body tuned with Gatorade RECOVER®.


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