Two new trails at Laggan Wolftrax, Scotland

You'll be howling for more


The Scottish Forestry Commission have unveiled a 9km extension to the red route and a new green grade circular trail for beginners at the Wolftrax in Strathmashie Forest, Scotland.


The new green route is ideal for the novice mountain bike rider to hone their skills across 4km of ‘easy’ grade terrain. It’s also a great warm up for more experienced riders before they hit the more difficult trails in the forest.

“The exciting extension of the Wolftrax red route makes maximum use of the site’s natural features,” said Jack Mackay, Forestry Commission Scotland. “It also links up to parts of the black trail and lets red-grade riders try out some of the rock features that were previously only available to expert bikers.


“From the new green route, the big-and-bermy orange grade Fun Park, the extended red route and one of the toughest black trails in the country, we can now offer a high quality experience to riders of all levels of ability.”