Martyn Ashton stunt riding on a Pinarello road bike

Redefining what's possible on a road bike. Again!

Trials guru Martyn Ashton and videographer Robin Kitchin have released an all-new film showcasing Ashton's epic skills while riding a full carbon road bike.

Ashton's weapon of choice is the £10,000 Pinarello Dogma 2, as used by Team Sky, and just what he does with this bike in this video has to be seen to be believed. Filmed in various places in the UK, Ashton can be witnessed tearing up skateparks, street riding and even taking on a fairground wall of death in this radical road ride. Mountain bikers take note - never blame the bike again!

Martyn ashton - road bike party

Martyn Ashton - Road Bike Party (Video: Robin Kitchin)

This video comes as a sequel to his revolutionary video  'Amazing stunt riding...on a carbon road bike' which now boasts over 2.15million hits on YouTube alone.

Amazing stunt riding...on a carbon road bike

Amazing stunt riding...on a carbon road bike (Video: Robin Kitchin)

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