Euroway 946 car rack review

Secure transport for up to three bikes

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The best way to carry bikes by car is inside: they’re protected from the weather, thieves and accidents, and your mileage per gallon is barely affected. But passengers or luggage can make that impractical.

Towbar racks are the next best option. They’re more secure than boot racks and offer better fuel efficiency than roof racks. They’re not cheap, however, especially if you need to fit a towbar first.

Like most towbar racks this Thule one comes with a lighting board but you’ll need to add your own number plate. The three-bike EuroWay 946 – there’s also a two-bike 944 – fits onto the towbar in a couple of minutes.

Once you’ve tightened the ‘socket’ over the towbar, there’s a lever to ratchet it in place. A lock on this lever means the rack can’t be removed from the car without the key. There’s a quick release to tilt the whole rack backwards, bikes and all, to give access to the boot. It didn’t tilt far enough for our MPV but will work with most cars.

The bikes are supported by wheel trays with straps and top tube clamping arms. The clamps fit 22-70mm tubes and are secure but don’t lock. We’d recommend lockable knobs (£12 each) for peace of mind. Bikes without top tubes will need adapter 981 or 982 (£20/£19).

The rack folds flat and is narrow enough to fit in a car boot but its solid build means it’s a fairly hefty 18kg. Maximum capacity is 45kg.

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