Aqua3 Superlight custom centred Ordnance Survey map review

Tough navigation aid

BikeRadar score5/5

The UK has some of the best mapping in the world thanks to the efforts of the Ordnance Survey but until recently carrying a map on the trail meant tolerating either bulky laminates that took up half your pack or less durable paper versions which disintegrated at the first sign of rain.

Aqua3 provide an alternative – custom centred OS maps printed onto thin, light and flexible waterproof paper. They pack smaller than a regular paper OS map, so will fit comfortably into a jersey or jacket pocket if you’re heading out sans backpack and are incredibly durable.

You can write on them, eat your picnic off them and shelter beneath them without trouble and our version is good as new despite a year’s heavy use. We love the custom centred option for areas like Calderdale which normally fall inconveniently onto more than one map, too.

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