Sombrio Plastic Letters women's jersey review

Cheap & cheerful female-specific top

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Sombrio’s amusingly named Plastic Letters jersey is unashamedly basic in terms of shape but has details where they matter.

The fast-wicking, quick-drying polyester pique fabric has been treated with an antibacterial agent to reduce the lingering stink that synthetic jerseys sometimes develop over time, and the face weave proved resilient enough to withstand a few bramble patch visitations.

Cut is a very simple but nicely slim T-shirt shape; there’s no zip or additional ventilation so it suffers from a lack of versatility when it comes to temperature control.

The downside to those plastic letters is that they hang onto sweat in the most unpleasant way imaginable but, as a top for easy trail days where you’re not working up too much of a sweat, it’s spot on.

Casual styling and an absence of any details that scream cyclist mean it will shift neatly from gym to yoga to trails and back again, too.

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