Carnac Attraction road shoes review

Carbon-soled magnetically-closing footwear

BikeRadar score3/5

Carnac's latest shoe design features a magnetic closure system rather than a standard ratchet. The straps loop over and the magnets in the ends are pulled – or magnetically attracted – into a ratchet slider, into which they also hook.

It sounds more complicated than it is, and makes getting them on and off a doddle, though the slider part you adjust to get the fit right is initially very stiff. The one-piece carbon sole has vents under the toe and mid section which do a great job of channelling air in. Brilliant in the heat but not on cold days.

The uppers have a large toe box, so take note if you’re used to a narrower and shallower design. We like the fact that the toe bumpers and ratchets are replaceable, but remain unconvinced by the magnetic closure.

Yes it’s a bit quicker than most, but it’s no more adjustable than standard systems, and the Attraction's 408g weight (size 45) is heftier than its rivals. At £435 these need to be something truly special.

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