Ground Effect Short Cuts 3/4-length women's tights review

Knee-friendly legwear

BikeRadar score3/5

We hunted down the Ground Effect Short Cuts after we concluded that their Jitterbug women’s shorts were among the best we’ve worn. We wanted something with a bit of knee coverage and so, in the absence of a full-length women’s tight (the Daddy Long Legs is unisex but from experience the pad location has to be spot-on for us), we headed out in the Short Cuts.

Ground Effect's attention to detail is evident, with perfect stitch work, an obvious understanding of cycling stance in the cut and their very comfortable anti-bacterial pad. We had one issue, which we won’t call a criticism as another rider who uses these doesn’t have the same problem, and that is that our pad migrates forward during extended seated riding – something the Jitterbug shorts don’t do. We stopped it by using clip on braces.

In all other respects the shorts fitted us perfectly and we wouldn’t have wanted a smaller size. At around £51 (depending on conversion rate) they’re neither cheap nor extortionate. Having put the shorts through at least 50 wash cycles without any problems or loss of shape or comfort, we reckon they’re a value item for hardcore mile gatherers.

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