Maverick DUC 32 review

Maverick's lightweight revolutionary DUC 32 has both pluses and minuses.

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Maverick's lightweight revolutionary DUC 32 has both pluses and minuses. The massive baseball bat style upper legs and welded lower crown create a super light yet stiff top end, complete with integrated ultra light stem. The ride height is low for a 150mm travel fork, though few equally lightweight frames can use a dualcrown fork without invalidating their warranty.

The upside down design (lower legs slide inside uppers) keeps the seals permanently lubed for a smooth ride over the smallest bumps, and long bushings and fore/aft stiffness keep the fork fluid under big hits and braking loads. It's easy to home service. However, despite a unique latched 24mm through-axle, the wheel twists easily, leaving the steering slightly soft and slurred, particularly across ruts and ridges. The one side spring, one side damper design can cause stickiness or brake rub under heavy cornering loads too.

Leaky seals can spray oil straight on to the disc brake and the 100mm mode is best seen as a lockdown rather than as a fully rideable setting. The sealing on the Maverick hub bearings isn't great either, though Hope now do a compatible version. The price is lower than it was last year, with stem included, but you have to add £99 for the hub. A hard anodised version is also available for £562.

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