Control Tech Sup MT18 Riser Bar review

Not so high, quite wide but certainly handsome

BikeRadar score4.5/5

At a healthy 660mm wide and with the bends close to the 31.8mm (OS-Oversize) clamp area, this bar has the length and space to put the controls and grips exactly where you want them. Scandium is near to titanium in weight, which is why this bar tips the scales at feathery 178g.

Shapewise, the bar is in XC territory - it has a 50mm height, of which the final rise is 20mm, so it's shallow and not too swept.

The bar has a light shot-peened finish to the black anodising, with only low-key laser etching letting the world know what it is. Kit show-offs mightn't like its stealth look, but this is a rider's bar, and it's much more likely to be out on the hills rather than parked outside a café.

The feel of the bar on the trail is surprising -- it felt like it was doing a similar vibration-damping job to the super-light carbon Easton Monkey Light SL we'd been using. We've run the bar for a couple of months on trail bikes (complete with the Control Tech Newton stem), and it feels light, well proportioned and more than a match for its carbon rivals.

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