LOOK Quartz Carbon Ti pedals review

One for your heart not your head

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Quartz Carbon Ti is a strikingly elegant pedal. However, it demands a hefty premium for the pleasure. The construction is impeccable, with a carbon fibre body and an oversized titanium axle, designed for maximum strength, wear and reliability at a very light weight.

Having ridden these through the sort of filthy conditions that have our pedals grinding in protest, they still feel as though they'll go smoothly on and on. Mud clearance is excellent. The cleats are fast to locate and clip into, with a relatively soft feel for the engagement (and exit), although you can adjust the angle of release.

We were impressed with this pedal – from its well specified design and ease of use through to its ability to shrug off the worst trail conditions. It’s a great performer – and ideal for racers – but it falls down heavily on value as you can get all this functionality on the £205 cheaper yet only 34g heavier Quartz – which is the version we’d buy.

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