Specialized The Captain Armadillo Elite 2.0in review

Puncture-proof trail tyre

BikeRadar score3.5/5

These are fast, hardwearing, puncture proof trail tyres. They’re slippery when wet though  - an option if you hate punctures more than you love wet woodsy grip.

The Captain’s interrupted centre strip in a hard 70 duro compound ensures impressive speed and durability. Considering it is fat for 2.0in, this puncture-protected Armadillo Elite version is impressively light. 

Medium compound shoulders mean they’re okay in dry-to-intermediate conditions. They’re nervously slippery in wet woods, though, with a disturbing tendency to veer off sideways suddenly at certain lean angles.

The protective layer is obvious in the clattery ride feel, so we’d recommend the £10 cheaper but more supple S Works version unless you’re particularly puncture-prone.

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