Bontrager Race X Lite AC tyre review

Hard wearing rubber, but slippery when wet

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Dual compound tyres often have strange ride characteristics due to the very fact that they have - by definition - two distinct compounds: hard in the middle for quick rolling, soft on the sides for sticky cornering. 

In the dry they tend to work well because your cornering speeds are high and the lean angle of the bike is enough to use the softer compound to greater effect. In the wet, though, lean angles are normally much less, leading to cornering on a half and half compound mix and some sketchy moments if you're not careful. These tyres exhibit that tendency, although it has to be said they are better than any other dual compound tyre we've tried in a long time. 

The 120tpi (threads per inch) carcass with aramid bead makes for a relatively light tyre, but they feel a little sluggish at normal and even quite high inflation pressures. So far, though, the wear seems to be very good, minimal even on our test pair.

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