Halo Chaos mountain bike wheelset review

Dirt jump-orientated wheels

BikeRadar score3.5/5

These anodised red hubs laced to 28mm wide, white aluminium rims with black spokes make the Chaos wheels from Halo stand out from the crowd. Their low weight (980g front and 1,235g rear) will help with spins and flips. The front wheel is designed to be run without a brake, which keeps things looking clean, and the swap-out axle cups (9mm quick-release or 20mm bolt-through) make changing forks a doddle. The rear hub is singlespeed only and uses a micro drive system.

The only downside we could find was that we needed a very specific tool (the DJD cog removal tool, £35) to remove the screw-on cog. The 8mm axle bolts are easy to get tight and once in place don’t budge at all. There’s plenty of room to use a chain tug too. We found the rim profile caused the tyre beads to seat unevenly at first and had to inflate them very carefully until it popped on all the way around the rim, but since then we have had no issues with tyres coming off the rim.

The price might be a bit steep for some, but serious dirt jumpers should consider it an investment, plus the cassette option rear hub is a lot cheaper. The wheels have stood up to sand, grit and BMX track dust, coping well at the skate parks and with harsh 50/50 landings at the dirt jumps. Both rims are dent-free and true and the hubs run just as well as the day we fitted them to the bike.

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