TSG Evolution Helmets review

New designs from UK dirt-jumping fave

BikeRadar score4/5

TSG have been a favourite manufacturer of the helmet shape cheerfully known as 'piss pots' in the UK dirt jumping scene for some time and their latest Evolution and Pro.Design Series’ helmets look set to continue this.

The shell and inner come down further than most helmets on your temple and behind your ears, protecting that vulnerable skull area as well as your wing-nuts. A curve over the nape of your neck stops it digging in and doing more damage if you really snap your head back too.

Both lids feature 14 vents, premoulded and heat-sealed interior pads and a high impact ABS shell. The fit is snug without being tight. The cut is slightly lower than others on the market, for added protection. The chin buckle is slightly curved so it sits better under your jaw. Venting is also better than most pots, without sacrificing protection.

They weigh slightly more than a Pro-Tec but there is a 300g Superlight model.

The Skyline is a classy off-white with red straps and neat cityscape design. The ATMOsfair is the latest from TSG’s Pro.Design range in collaboration with Timo Pritzel’s new clothing company. It has dual grey and black straps and Skism designed logos.

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