For Goodness Shakes! recovery drink review

Ready-made recovery shake

BikeRadar score3/5

Recovery drinks containing a mix of carbohydrate and protein have proven, and well publicised, recovery benefits.

We're not going to replicate that information here – what we want to know is how practical and usable different drinks are, and whether they're good value for money.

For Goodness Shakes! is a ready-made recovery shake that's a big hit with all kinds of athletes and comes in a variety of flavours. Made with UHT milk, it won’t go off in a hurry, so you can keep one handy in your kit bag. 

The carb-to-protein ratio is 4:1 and it contains a vitamin complex to boost your recovery. Ingredients aren't complex, with all the protein coming from semi-skimmed milk, although milk alone is a perfect recovery drink. These shakes are sugary and not as filling as some we've tried.

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