Topeak JoeBlow Fat track pump review$80.00

Fat bike-specific pump cuts inflating effort

BikeRadar score4/5

Riding a fat bike will keep you fit – especially the all-body workout that comes from inflating the monster tyres!

The JoeBlow Fat floor pump cuts out some of the puff with an oversize barrel designed specifically for inflating high-volume rubber. It got our 4in tyres (mounted on 80mm rims) to 10psi in an impressive 25 strokes, compared to 55 with Topeak’s all-rounder JoeBlow Sport pump.

The build quality is reassuringly robust, so it’ll survive getting rattled around in the boot of the car just fine. The simple to use TwinHead is compatible with Schrader, Presta and Dunlop valves, and the connection is solid and leak free.

Maxing out at 30psi, the gauge has well-spaced markings and gives readings within 0.5psi of those from our digital gauge. The price tag is very reasonable considering the reduced effort required to get your fat bike tyres inflated.

This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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