Nutrition with a difference from the world’s biggest bike shop

Chain Reaction Cycles launches Natural Nutrition

Nutrition with a difference from the world’s biggest bike shop

Are you tired of fussy and costly nutrition products that turn your gut? So were the people behind Natural Nutrition, a fresh, cycle-specific nutrition brand that’s being backed by online mega-retailer Chain Reaction Cycles.

Riders looking for a wholesome, portable snack will likely be interested in the company’s jam sandwich, which combines one of the world’s oldest staple foods with a natural fruit-derived energy source.

Each sandwich is lovingly and logically divided into portions that are optimised to fuel your ride. The snack’s foil packaging is similarly optimised, this time to fit perfectly within a jersey pocket. Regional specific variations of the snack are on offer, with a US-focused peanut butter and jelly option also available.

The product represents a refreshing shift from the usual gels, energy bars and drinks offered by most of the industry. The downsides? Well, a short shelf life means that the Natural Nutrition jam sandwich is only good for a couple of days, although a new and faster courier service from Chain Reaction Cycles has been introduced to reduce lead times from order to consumption.

The first stock of Natural Nutrition sandwiches – plus a range of other natural energy products – will arrive next week where and be available for purchase via the Chain Reaction Cycles website. 

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