Paul Component Engineering top cap mounts - first look

GoPro and front light stem cap mounts launched

Californian manufacturers Paul Component Engineering have launched two new aluminium top cap mounts – a GoPro specific model (US$49) and a more versatile version (US$36) designed primarily for front lights.

GoPro mount

The GoPro version is machined from 6061 aluminium and fits in place of a top cap for 1 1/8in headsets, offering a view of the trail from just above the handlebar. The hardware can be attached directly to the camera's case, for a solid connection, or fitted with an articulated GoPro pivot arm if more adjustability is desired. 

Available in a black or silver anodised finish, the part is compatible with HERO3, HERO2, and HD HERO generations of the GoPro. Watch the video below for an example of footage recorded using the mount:

Video: Paul GoPro mount demo

Front light mount

The second new component from Paul's is known as the Stem Cap Light Mount. Similar to the GoPro model, this component takes place of the top cap on a threadless headset and is also machined from aluminium. 

Originally designed to provide a central mount for a handlebar light, the 26mm hoop also makes an ideal attachment for computers, power meters and other gadgets. It's available in black or silver.

Stem cap light mount from paul component engineering:
Stem cap light mount from paul component engineering:

Stem Cap Light Mount 

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