Tomkins sells Al Qaeda

Jamie Tomkins has sold his Base Bikes brand to the current distributor and, having spent a month in

The midge-ravaged 4X star reports from Fort Bill
Jamie Tomkins has sold his Base Bikes brand to the current distributor and, having spent a month in France getting back to fitness after slacking around at Uni for months, he's aiming at a good Nationals performance.

Jamie only got second in the depleted National 4X series round at Fort William though and that didn't go down too well.

"I was concentrating on keeping Rich Batey behind me when Oggie used all his experience to get ahead and nick it. That won't happen again."

Jamie laughs, but you can tell he hasn't grown to love losing.

Was it a good event apart from that?

"The entry was disappointing because so many top riders were in Canada for the World Cup. And some of those who stayed here couldn't get an entry for the Scottish Downhill event and didn't come. It is a long way.

"I only had to come from Yorkshire and it still took me ten hours. Ten hours with my mates ringing saying how great the surf was at home. Surfing's been great this last week. I've been in the water at 8 most mornings."

Were there plenty of spectators for the 4X?

"Not bad at all because there were 300 odd entries for the downhill and they and their relatives and friends came to watch. It's a brilliant course. Fast and loose, very downhill with huge jumps. It's impressive to watch it ridden well."

So what's next?

"There the 4X at the National Adventure Sports Show on the 18th and I'm going to do as many local races as I can. I want to ride a good National Championships"

What about Base, are you still designing the bikes.

"That's not been decided. I would hope to design the bikes and go on running the website, but that all depends on the new owners.

Made a few bob though?

"Just a few."

Good, mine's a pint.

Lead Pic & Pic 1: Lake Tomkins: not a bad place to get fit (cue jealous rage).
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