Questions SRAM won’t answer

When will we see 1x Red or 1x eTap? How about Force or Apex eTap? And more

After months of teasing, SRAM has finally answered some of these questions and its all-new RED eTap AXS wireless groupset and Eagle XO1 AXS mountain bike drivetrain is now officially here.

Check out our comprehensive five-star review of the radical groupset to learn all there is to know about it and be sure to check out our first ride reviews of the equally exciting Eagle XO1 AXS mountain bike drivetrain and wireless Reverb AXS dropper seat post.

This article was last updated 6th February 2019. The original story continues below.

SRAM has aggressively introduced a number of new technologies, being first to market with road hydraulics and a 12-speed mountain-bike group. Recently we’ve seen what looks to be an eTap version of the 12-speed Eagle MTB group. But we have questions about a few potential groups or products — and SRAM isn’t talking. Here is our list of questions SRAM won’t answer.

We put the following questions to SRAM’s PR team in the US and Europe, and received the same answer: silence.

When will SRAM have a 1x Red group?

When will we see an Eagle-like 12spd group for road?

Is SRAM working on 1x eTap?

How about Force or Apex eTap?

Since SRAM Force 1x has no left shifter at the brake lever, could you build a dropper-post lever into it?

When will we see an eTap clutch rear derailleur?

Have you thought about a gravel version of the RS1 fork?

What's this? An eTap Eagle 12spd group? SRAM won't yet say
What's this? An eTap Eagle 12spd group? SRAM won't yet say

Silence doesn’t mean these things are happening, but if these questions were completely unfounded, a denial would be expected.

For instance, if we asked whether Shimano was in the process of buying SRAM, SRAM representatives would likely say no, that is not happening.

Not commenting on future product, planned or otherwise, makes sense. There is no benefit in any company painting itself into a corner, or creating demand for product that doesn’t yet or might never exist. Still, it makes us wonder…

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