Spurcycle Bell review

A bicycle bell without compromise

BikeRadar score4/5

With its drool-worthy design, superb quality build and spectacular acoustics, the Spurcycle is far from an ordinary bicycle bell, though there’s nothing ordinary about that price tag, either.  

Originally dubbed ‘a bell for any bike’, The Spurcycle Bell came to fruition after a particularly successful Kickstarter campaign, which saw $331,938 raised from more than 5,800 backers.

Produced in the USA from only metal components, the Spurcycle Bell will fasten to almost any handlebar and can be run vertically or horizontally.

It measures just 30mm x 20.5mm and will add just 45g to your cockpit.

Although small, it’s a very eye-catching little thing and its design has attracted numerous compliments while fitted to my bars.

Should the raw version not yank your crank then a black anodised bell is also available (for an extra £10/ $10!).

There's no denying, it's a beautiful bit of kit
There's no denying, it's a beautiful bit of kit

A common problem with bells, such as this one, tends to be unwanted ringing, particularly when the going gets rough. This isn’t a problem with the Spurcycle, which remains totally quiet until you reach for its comfortable lever.

The spring-loaded lever allows for plenty of modulation too, allowing an element of volume control. But however much you push, you’ll be rewarded with a crisp, pleasant and lengthy ding, one that was produced in collaboration with renowned bell manufacturer Bevin Brothers, no less.

For a clip of the bell in action head on over to our Facebook page.

The Spurcycle is a beautiful addition to any handlebar, and despite months of dinging and abuse in bad weather, it works as well as it did on day one. Whether or not you can justify the price tag is a different matter.

Oli Woodman

Section Editor, UK
With more than 10 years of experience riding mountain bikes, Oli knows the good from the bad when it comes to gear. He's a total bike nerd and loves few things more than fettling with spangly riding bits. Also, he seems to have a talent for crashing hard but emerging unscathed.
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